This is a new experience for me - to have my own blog!
Hopefully it can reflect the purpose of books: words with meaning and a message.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Begin Once Again...

This is a rebirth of my Blog as I restart this subject as part of my study.  One subject per session is enough as I found out last session.
Reading the information related to this session has renewed my desire to become a Teacher Librarian.  There are enormous challenges out there to resinstate the role of a TL in the digital age.  Herring (2007) reminds us that the school library should be a centre for learning first and a centre for resources second.  Is that not telling of the importance of a Teacher Librarian's role in a school?  Information can inspire students when presented in the right environment.

As for my own information development - of course I am reading course material but I am also enjoying The Beloved by Posie Graeme-Evans and my children are enjoying a treasure of a book The Cat's Pyjamas by Wallace Edwards based on idioms (thanks Joan!).

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