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Monday, August 15, 2011

I need a mind shift....

Each time I enter a classroom to teach, I have a particular goal for the end of the lesson.  I then move onto the next small goal.  And so it goes on for the day.  Each small step at the end of the unit of work or term or even day will eventually merge into all other information given to represent knowledge.  And so it goes on for all students in classrooms.  However, a Teacher Librarian needs to manage all of the information and then break it down into smaller parts.  I suppose if they were bricklayers they would have a wall built and  be able to pull out a brick, show it and then replace it.  A classroom teacher is really taking a brick one at a time to build a wall.  The classroom teacher teaches while the Teacher Librarian services.  That's a lot of information I need to get my head around.  The Teacher Librarian role is complex and goes far beyond checking out books at the front desk.  In my next post, I will amaze you with how broad a Teacher Librarians role is.  For now I have an assignment to write.

I have started reading this treat from Diana Gabaldon.  Another book about Lord John.  I have read her Outlander series and all of the Lord John books so far.  I am very fond of historic fiction and read widely from this genre.  At the same time I enjoy good biographies and non-fiction.  Who am I kidding - I'll read anything.

I picked this book up recently and would recommend it to any 10 + girl.  It was an easy and enjoyable book set in the time of the French revolution.

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