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Monday, March 14, 2011


All of the readng and my contact with a school library has made me realise the enormity of the job librarians have to do.  It is not about covering books (which I love to do) and shelving them.  Nor is it about planning and implementing library lessons incorporating children's literature.  Not that I am really that naive to have thought those tasks completely filled the day.  I walk into my children's school library, where the staff have very kindly let me have some time, and see piles of books, watch children pile in to find out information and notice the networking components piled up.   There is reshelving as the staff find better ways for the children to browse for reading materials.

What I am reading now: "The White Queen" by Philippa Gregory.

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  1. How exciting that you're discovering so much. I'm glad that the school library is letting you have a 'peek' at the big day that each day is! It's challenging, but nothing could be better :-)