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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Book Book

It is a very proud day.  My eldest son, who is 7, has asked me to purchase a "Book Book" for him.   It is his first.   I wonder how many people have a book book.  If you don't have one you may not know what it is.  A book book is a book in which you write the title and author of all the books you read.  I have had mine for many years and it sits in my bedside drawer.  I write the book in as soon as I have finished it and I might also add some detail regarding genre and the year I read it.  I also have a section that I write in authors I enjoy and note the number of books I have read of theirs.  My son loves reading and seems to have book in hand most times I look at him (or a DS or Wii remote!) much like his Uncle.  He has been reading 3 books at once (see the books below) over the last 2 days and mentioned he wanted to read 100 books.  I suggested the book book and he loved the idea of it. The worrying bit is where to get the 100  books from?  I look forward to seeing the books change as the years go by and wonder which books won't make the grade to be entered.

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  1. I love the idea of a book book. Since starting my blog I have been using Shelfari as a book book.